What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t get advice about your hair?

What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t get advice about your hair?

Let's talk about hair

It’s Saturday, so we’re diving into the shallows. Can we talk about hair?

A little while back, I was having hair woes. It had become limp and unmanageable and I was hating my bangs. (That last bit happens every time the weather takes its annual sharp turn towards hot and humid.) 

My hair had rebelled against the shampoo I used to love. It felt like it was never getting clean, no matter how thoroughly I washed it. 

The first step was to get a nice haircut. (If you don’t like your hair, remember: it’s not you, it’s your stylist. I’m so happy with the stylist I switched to two years ago, who costs half what I used to pay and really “gets” my hair.)

But hair doesn’t look good for long without maintenance, so I did what any blogger worth her salt would do: I asked MMD facebook fans for suggestions to share their favorite, trusted products—and whoa, did you all deliver.

After flipping through all the comments, I decided to start my experiment with with a new shampoo and conditioner from Matrix, chiefly because several readers said it was great for fine, thin hair. (I was looking for this, but the salon was out, and I was impatient!) 

Oh my goodness, WHAT a difference. 

I also finally bought some argan oil, which you all have been telling me to try for ages. I love it. 

I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be using another product in addition to the argan oil for styling, but I’m not sure what that product should be. Any suggestions?

(If you don’t have a blog, what do you need when you need hair help?)

My hair may eventually rebel against the new stuff, but for now they’re working great. Maybe I’ll even be able to postpone my near-inevitable summer transition to the daily side braid/messy bun/I-give-up hairstyle when the humidity really starts bearing down and the heat index pushes into the three digits. 


I loved all the comments on the facebook page but a blog post is a much better resource—easier to find, bookmark, and come back to later when you’re in the Target hair care aisle. Let’s make this a great resource page: please share your favorite hair tips, tricks, and products in comments!

P.S. Talking about hair reminds me about a book I’ve had on my Kindle for ages but still haven’t read: L. N. Cronk’s Chop Chop. It’s free (they want to hook you so you buy the rest of the series!) and the reviews are fantastic.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I’ve been going to the same hairdressers since I was little, I went to have my hair cut a few weeks back and asked for an inch off – I think it’s closer to two or three, thankfully I have my hair cut once a year ish so by the time I’m due for another cut my hair should be somewhere towards my lower back lol

    • Anne says:

      That’s always a scary surprise—to look down on the floor and see more chopped-off hair than you expected lying there waiting for sweeping-up. 🙂

  2. I actually cut my own hair! My hair is fine and thin enough. I watched a YouTube video and voila! I can snip at it all I want. In fact, it’s been 2 years now since I had a “real” cut.

    TIGI/Bed Head hair products are my favorites. When I had super short hair they have a great paste. Their thickening spray is really good as well as their super hold hairspray.

  3. Anne says:

    I have shoulder length, layered hair (no bangs), and my stylist only uses Redken’s Hot Sets (a spray for protecting the hair from the blow dry). I’ve had other stylists use Redken’s Guts for volume (spray foam). Interested in what others say, especially for defining the hair or adding texture (like a paste?) I found a stylist on Pinterest that seemed to really know her products. I’ll check back with it. Maybe it would be helpful?

  4. Nicole R. says:

    I was hating dropping 50 bucks to sit in a chair and make dreaded small talk with a stylist who I didn’t know (and couldn’t get to know because I’m a mama to littles and get my hair cut 3 times a year). Then after it was all said and done, I never really *loved* my haircut and I wasted precious non-kid time paying someone to make me uncomfortable when I could have been reading a book and drinking coffee. Soooo now I cut my own hair. I was terrified, but It’s super easy, especially if you have longish hair. Ponytail method is the simplest, and I’ve been able to give myself long layers and a little boost in the back where it tends to lay flat with a 5 minute hair cut. No one believes me when I tell them I cut it myself!

  5. Sarah Beals says:

    First of all, “the shallows!” We need to address this comment bc we all know that a great hair day does wonders for a girl. 🙂
    My youngest sister is a Master Stylist in a swanky salon in Plymouth, MA. (read: expensive)
    That said, she “gets” hair and can chisel away your locks to frame your face like noone else I know. 🙂
    I use Biolage products for my thick hair. I love Moroccan oil for taming frizz in humidity, and I ONLY use one hairspray: MATRIX PROFORMA. It’s just that good.

  6. melyssa says:

    I have naturally curly hair (but it’s fine, too) so I don’t know if what I like would even be helpful. I stay away from anything with “-cone” in the ingredients, and parabens. Parabans? However you spell motor oil and chemicals! I even did the Curly Girl method for about 9 months – which is super interesting and has a huge following. I missed shampoo though and fell off the wagon hard! My favorite mousse is a organic one in a brown bottle with marshmallow in it (aren’t I helpful? You should see me recommend books … the cover was blue …) and I also like curl creams. If I straighten it, I just use an oil, like an argon oil or even just a dab of coconut oil, to protect from the heat and give me shine. Then I might spray if it’s a humid day and I don’t want my stubborn curls to reappear.

    P.S. Chop, Chop is great. Leeann is a stellar person. When I had trouble downloading the second book in her series for my daughter, Leeann friended me on FB to talk me through the issue, and we’ve been pals since. She now gives me writing advice with my books, and is just super sweet.

  7. Liza Lee Grace says:

    The best thing I ever did for my hair was buy a shower head water filter. My hair was rebelling against the shampoo that I had used for years. It got dry and brittle but felt dirty and greasy at the same time. I bought a shower filter and in two days, it was back to its smooth, soft, normal state. Without the filter, I was having to wash my hair every day because it always felt and looked dirty. With the filter, I wash my hair twice a week and it never looks greasy.

    • Ann says:

      Liza, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a shower head water filter. I’m curious about this as we have well water, which is filtered, but wondering if this would be helpful, too. Think I will try it. thanks

      • Liza Lee Grace says:

        Yup. I first heard about hard water wrecking your hair when I was reading about using baking soda and vinegar to clean your hair and troubleshooting problems with it. The article mentioned that some people can’t go that route due to hard water and then exactly described my hair. That’s when I began looking for water filters and found the shower head one. It’s much cheaper than using whole house filters or water softeners!

  8. Lisa says:

    So glad you posted this! I just read about that exact shampoo the other day after doing a google search, and I’m glad to hear rave reviews about it. I recently started using Living Proof’s Full shampoo + cond., which has been great but since it’s so expensive I’ve been looking for an alternative for my straight, fine hair (which is usually limp and flat). Also, thanks for the book recommendation!

  9. I have naturally curly, thick hair and it has been difficult to find the right cut and stylist for most of my life. I had a few good years with a great stylist. Then a few REALLY BAD years because I couldn’t find anyone who knew how to cut curly hair. Found a good one again and then the last 3 cuts started going down hill fast! The last cut was a disaster.

    THEN a friend told me about Deva Curl. I found a trained Deva Curl stylist only 30 miles from my home and I am in love. I have never experienced a hair cut or style like this.

    I still can’t get over the transformation of my hair. It is clearly healthier and the curls are so much more natural and under control. And it isn’t so big.

    Down side – it is very product specific to keep the curls this way and the hydration in. This goes against every frugal bone in my body. So I am testing how long I can go between washes (which is at least 2 days so far) and figuring how to budget in the product.

    Up side – I only need to get my hair cut 2 – 3 times a year and I really, really like my hair for a change. And I spend very little time actually ‘doing’ my hair.

    • Anne says:

      Naturally thick, curly hair is so gorgeous when it’s in the right hands—it seems such a shame to let that go to waste! I’m so glad you found a stylist you love and who “gets” your curly hair.

  10. Tacy says:

    Even though you really need to get a consultation first, I love aveda products. Yes, a hair product can definitely change your life and lift your confidence! (pun!)

  11. EricaM says:

    I would love to find a stylist close by that I can go to regularly. But with very thick curly hair, I’ve noticed a lot of stylists seem to wince at first, and usually they wind up shearing my hair straight across and ruining the curl pattern. (No Deva salon nearby like Kim has. Alas!)

    (On the up side, Target has my favorite shampoo, Giovanni Triple Tea Treat. Doesn’t dry it out like everything else. Also it’s minty and tingly! :D)

    • Anne says:

      Oh no! I’m no stylist but even I know that’s not how you cut curly hair! Crossing my fingers that someone amazing and gifted with curly hair crosses your path. 🙂

  12. Leeann Cronk says:

    First of all, I agree with Melyssa that I am a stellar person (JK). Seriously, though, you are absolutely right that I hope to hook readers by giving away the first book, but I’d like to add a plug that it is a complete stand-alone novel (when I wrote it, I never intended to write sequels). It has a message that I love to share with others, even if they don’t ever purchase additional books. On another note, I love your line, “If you don’t like your hair, remember: it’s not you, it’s your stylist.” I may steal that sometime!! 🙂

  13. Amanda says:

    I share your thin, fine hair woes. I have to alternate my shampoos since my hair gets bored and then doesn’t get totally clean. It took 2 years, but I finally found a great stylist here in Nashville! Makes a huge difference.

  14. Lucia says:

    Oh hair.. I’ve being struggling my whole life with my thick, dry hair. It actually used to look like a broom. I used cheap and expensive products, many ended up in trash. I heard from a colleague about Shtrands, its a startup that send you personalized hair care regimens based on your own hair texture, scalp condition and concerns. It’s like a hair care concierge service, like a Sticth Fix for hair. I use it and get products every 3 months. I’m very happy with it and their customer service is amazing.

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