Can’t find a mentor? Take to the blogosphere.

This year we’re having a monthly series on mentoring. Head here to read the previous posts.

Real life mentors are best. But if you truly can’t find anyone in real life? Look online.

There are women blogging, everyday, about every topic imaginable. They’re blogging about reading and writing and craftiness. Marriage and parenting and singleness. Writing and engineering and homeschooling.

What area of your life do you need help with? What kind of expertise do you want to see on display? What kind of encouragement do you need?

The odds are in your favor: look for what (or who?) you need online.

These people don’t even need to know you’ve adopted them as an internet mentor. They may not even know you’re reading. They don’t need to know: you can benefit from their wisdom and experience anyway.

(And if you build a relationship with these people online, and want to take the next step and ask someone to actually mentor you, don’t forget about Skype and FaceTime and phone chats. You can do that!)

The advantage of real life mentors is that they can see you in action. You don’t get to edit your three-dimensional life in the same way you can edit your life online, even if you’re trying your very best to be transparent. In 3d, someone can see when you smile and when you roll your eyes, when you’re stunned and when you’re twinkling. And they can see how you talk to your husband, or your cat, or your barista.

But in the absence of a live-and-in-person mentor, an online mentor is a whole lot better than nothing.

Do you have any bloggers you consider mentors? Who are they, and how did you find them?

Can't find a mentor? Take to the blogosphere. | Modern Mrs Darcy


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  1. I have never thought of the women I follow and look up to online as “mentors,” but when I look at it, that’s really what they are. I am loving the mentor series that you’re having here. It’s been truly valuable.

  2. Breanne says:

    I do refer to several of the blogs I read as online mentors, they may have no idea who I am or the impact they’ve had on my life but they have and I am better for it.
    Aimee of Simple Bites for eating real food with the whole family, not new info just encouragement along the way and awesome recipes
    Tsh of Simple Mom for intentional and simple living
    Emily Freeman for light-filled pictures and humour
    The Nester for making my space beautiful

    To name a few…=)

    • Jessica says:

      yes to all you listed above as my online mentors – who don’t know it. I would also add Lisa Jo Baker and Megan Tietz and Anne 🙂

  3. HopefulLeigh says:

    I don’t know if I formally consider them to be mentors but I’ve been lucky to connect with many bloggers who teach me so much. Is there such a thing as a friend-mentor hybrid? A friendtor?

    • Anne says:

      I love the idea of a friend-mentor hybrid (and I would say the answer is “yes!”) But “friendtor” sounds like a dinosaur or a transformers character. 🙂

  4. I so agree; I’ve been super encouraged by several bloggers over the years. For making my home pretty on a budget, The Nester. For an inspirational vision of motherhood, Sally Clarkson. For creating beauty, Caitlin of Roost. For writing, Jeff Goins & Michael Hyatt.

    Thankfully, I’ve enjoyed the blessing of real-life mentors as well. There’s really nothing like someone loving you enough to tell you hard things and invest in your life.

  5. Delphine says:

    I am desperate for a mentor in art but I’m just as afraid to ask someone 🙁 I haven’t shown many people my work and I fear rejection in the worst way…

  6. Tim says:

    Anne, I’ve learned a ton just by watching you here. Thanks for allowing me to come along for the ride.

    I’d say my main mentor in the blog world is Aimee Byrd at Housewife Theologian, since she’s been encouraging, supporting and critiquing my writing from long before I ever started my blog. Her own blog has taught me so much about what it means to think theologically about family, books, home, work, and about how to blog on the intersection of faith and life.

  7. Katherine says:

    I have a few blogs I return to over and over. I have deleted tons off my google reader (now feedly) but yours stays, as does small notebook (though it has been a loooong haitus from that blog), and Runs for Cookies. I would classify all of those as “inspirational” and “thought-provoking”. Always new ideas about things that are important to me.

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