Building a life out of cake.

Building a life out of cake.


Today we’re continuing the How She Does It guest post seriesToday’s post comes from Jamie Golden, who you may know as Jamie’s Rabbits or as cake pop maker extraordinaire at Jamie’s Sweet Revenge. Jamie is sweet and kind and wicked smart about pop culture and cake on sticks. (Go check out her cake pop gallery. Seriously.) Join me in welcoming her to the blog! 

God told me to quit my job. A job I loved and couldn’t imagine leaving. After months of divine harassment, I took a leap into the unknown.

My unknown was just that. I didn’t have a new job to start or dream to hustle. I was also missing a sugar daddy and parents who invented Post-It notes, so becoming a stay-at-home Jamie seemed out of reach.

I spent the first few months looking for traditional day jobs in marketing, while figuring out what this season might be about. Immediately, I learned the value of a dollar…since I had so few. Time was now a currency I could spend on volunteering with causes I loved, spending the day with my niece, or watching 12 episodes of Orphan Black on a Tuesday. Sunday night sadness became a faint memory. Suddenly 9-to-5 was no longer a priority.

However, AT&T doesn’t accept side hugs as payment so I needed a plan. That plan was found in my kitchen. For years, I baked as a hobby and cake pops were a creative outlet.

Combining my marketing background with a love for cake on a stick made for an interesting starting point. Suddenly I was consumed with researching small businesses, cottage food industries, and the sexy world of shipping. I emailed a laundry list of questions to dozens of bakers who all generously replied with lessons learned and kind advice. I bartered with friends to pay for graphic design, accounting, and online ad space. Finally, I prayed. Hard. In August 2014, I officially launched Jamie’s Sweet Revenge.

Now, cake pops pay my phone bill. And all my other bills too.

Jamie's Sweet Revenge

Managing a website, plotting out pops with customers, and sharing the shiny results with the Internet is time consuming. I have to think about taxes more than once a year. Doing inventory on sprinkles is not as adorable as it sounds. However, the beauty is I haven’t gone back to 50 hours a week. I still spend my time volunteering, visiting my family, and watching Netflix on a Tuesday. There’s just an extra bullet on my to-do list: running my own business.

Cake pops also support my other passions such as blogging, photography, and podcasting. Those things are no longer relegated to the wee hours of the night when I’d rather be sleeping or watching more Orphan Black.

This leap of faith has required sacrifice. My airline miles don’t add up as quickly and my handbags don’t swap with each new outfit. But there is the loveliest freedom in no longer being defined by a job title.

Unless that title is “Stay-At-Home Jamie.”

Jamie is an ADD survivor from Birmingham, Alabama who wears many hats. She bakes cake pops at Jamie’s Sweet Revenge.  She writes about life at Jamie’s Rabbits. She podcasts about pop culture at The Popcast

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  1. I have loved watching this story unfold, Jamie! Love your faith to follow his call and God’s faithfulness to provide.

    And, your cake pops are always so amazing! Do you have a gluten-free version?

  2. Miriam B says:

    I recently had one of my part-time jobs put on hold for an indefinite time. More and more, I am drawn to the whole realm of home business, especially since grad school hasn’t provided much direction in terms of a career path. I am very much a homebody, but bills must be paid.

  3. Sarah R says:

    Congratulations on the business Jamie! I am going to subscribe to your blog, but I feel I already “know” you from Rachel Callahan’s blog “Grasping for Objectivity.” Your cake pops are seriously amazing.

  4. Leigh Kramer says:

    So fun seeing you over here, Jamie! It’s been fun watching all this unfold. Also fun: learning how to make cake pops with you and Katherine. Your decorating talent amazes me!

  5. Grace says:

    Fantatsic! Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your success. I love that you call yourself Stay at Home Jamie. I’m currently in the same position as you were, having quit my day job and trying to figure out what on earth I’m going to do now with no desire to have a conventional 9-5 job again. Inspiring!

  6. I am interrupting my newborn-induced blog break to say how big a fan I am of Jamie and this post :). I love the Romy and Michelle reference, the fact that she makes Chewbacca cake pops, and her podcast. Oh, and the fact that she’s one of the few extroverted writers I know of. (MBTI geek alert 🙂 But seriously, there seem to be so few-?) Anyway…so fun to see Jamie’s story here!

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