Alison Lurie
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs


From the publisher: "Despite her career as an Ivy League professor, Vinnie Miner is the sort of woman no one ever notices. And though she loves her work, her specialty—children's folk rhymes—earns little respect from her fellow scholars. Then, alone on a flight to London for a research trip, she sits next to a man in a Western-cut suit and a rawhide tie, a sanitary engineer from Oklahoma, on a group tour. He’s the very opposite of her type, but before Vinnie knows it, she’s spending more and more time with him. Also in London is Vinnie’s colleague, a young, handsome English professor whose marriage and self-esteem are both on the rocks. But Fred Turner is also about to find consolation—in the arms of the most beautiful actress in England. Stylish and highborn, she introduces Fred to a glamorous, yet eccentric, London scene that he never expected to encounter." The London Evening Standard calls this Pulitzer Prize winner "brilliant... Witty, acerbic, and sometimes fiendishly clever."

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