2013 Goal Update (September)

goals for 2013 - celebrate special breakfasts


This year I’m posting regular updates on my goal progress. Here are my goals for 2013 and how I did with them in September.


Save up half a down payment. We’re 91% funded, but we’ll be going backwards in October when it’s time to pay for September’s two trips to the mechanic.

Health and Fitness:

Practice yoga once a week/Do one pull-up/8:30 2k row. I haven’t touched the rower in two months (but I have been running), my pull-up practice has been okay, and my yoga practice has been nonexistent. September’s travel has not been good for my routines.


Write something every day. We’ve structured our home and school routines for fall in a way that lets me do this.

Guest post once a month. Last month, I wrote about our struggle to attend church as a family for Sarah Bessey’s blog.

Read 3 books about the craft of writing. I met this goal a long time ago, but I’m still up for a good writing book. I immediately ordered Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer from my phone after Shauna Niequist recommended it at the Influence Conference.

Hit up another conference (or two or three). I only attended a handful of events this year, but two of them happened in September. In the past two weeks I’ve been to Story Chicago and the Influence Conference. I’ll unpack Influence a bit more soon.

At Home

goals for 2013 - celebrate special breakfasts

Celebrate Special Breakfasts. We celebrated the first day of school with pancakes–a big deal at my house.

Print photographs quarterly. I printed a handful of photos in September, but am now thinking about doing an end-of-year photo book for 2013 instead of making prints.


Log the books I read–and keep good records for youI’m maintaining Goodreads, as well as my “Books I Read in 2013” board on Pinterest. You can click over from the right sidebar.


Say yes to get-togethers with friends/Seek out opportunities to meet blogging friends in personSeptember was mostly about get-togethers with online friends. These were plentiful and so much fun.


Use my weekends well. I feel like we’ve been doing great on this one, but yesterday a rainy afternoon canceled our plans, and made me wonder what this will look like in the winter months.

Learn to use my camera. I’ve come a long way on this one. I’m fairly comfortable with the basics of manual mode (which was my stated goal), but my photos still end up looking terrible in some situations because I don’t understand things like white balance. And I still need all the practice I can get.

Go on a family camping trip. Well, kinda. Will camped with the kids while I was in Indianapolis last weekend. Does that count?

My Big Fuzzy Goal:

Cultivate a warmer atmosphere in my home in 2013. I’ve been reviewing my posts from earlier this year, and wondering if it’s time for another Whole 30. I felt amazing, so it was easy to be patient, kind, and cheerful. I was shocked at how my Whole 30 directly impacted the atmosphere in my home.

I’d also like to reread Happier at Home for more ideas. And follow my own advice via Brené Brown.

How are you coming on your 2013 goals? 

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  1. Betsy says:

    It’s helpful to read someone else’s goals, Anne. Thanks for posting yours. My favorite trick is to spend a long time in the summer or else in January crafting a goals list, but then I NEVER look at it again, so it doesn’t help.

    Recently I just down-sized to a list of 4 habits I REALLY want to work on. (One is reviewing my goals list!!!)

  2. Mandie says:

    I agree! I’m glad you share these here- it’s encouraging me to be more intentional with my efforts. Actually, a lot of the past weekend was very encouraging to me to be intentional- for my own benefit.

  3. Rebecca says:

    These updates are sooooo inspirational — thank you!
    Glad your hubby got to take the kiddos camping — I had been wondering if you’d be able to fit that in this year. Maybe you could sneak in a mother-daughter “glampout” with just your oldest daughter — Lissy and I are hoping to get one in before the end of October. It’s much more fun to camp solo or with one other person than trying to drag the whole family out.

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