2013 Goal Update (October)


This year I’m posting regular updates on my goal progress. Here are my goals for 2013 and how I did with them in October.


Save up half a down payment. We’re 98.4% funded. The reason the goal is half a down payment is this is a two-year goal, so we’ll just be plugging along even though it looks like we’re really close!

Health and Fitness:

Complete a Whole 30. I did this in January and found it worthwhile (if a little frustrating). When my husband (who’s never done a strict Whole 30) mentioned a few weeks ago that he’d be up for a Whole 30 if I’d do it with him, I jumped at the opportunity for a pre-holiday nutritional “reset.”

We’re on Day 24. I’ll debrief it here when it’s over.

Do one pull-up: I’m not close to meeting this goal (and I just have two months to go, yikes!) and I’m tempted to just give it up. But this video my husband sent me about using voice to code faster than keyboard makes me think the effort is worthwhile. I’ll explain…

The speaker–a professional coder–had to come up with an alternative to typing after he suffered a rock climbing injury and had to take a break from the sport. He surmised that the rock climbing had been keeping “too much typing disease” at bay, because when he quit, he quickly began to suffer debilitating pain and numbness that prevented him from working.

I’ve been dancing on the edges of too much typing disease for two years. I’m probably not going to take up rock climbing, but I can practice pullups.

8:30 2k row. I haven’t touched the rower in two months so I don’t know how I’m doing. But I originally set this rowing goal as a replacement goal for a running goal of either a sub 30-minute 5k or an 8:00 mile. Because I hate running.

Or I used to. I’ve actually been runningand liking it–so at this point if I hit any of those milestones–rowing or running–I’ll call it a success. I’ve been studiously avoiding timing myself (I’m afraid to take the fun out of it) but I think all three benchmarks are actually within reach.


Write something every day. The 31 days series ensured I met this goal in October.

Guest post once a month. Nothing in October, but I have two guest posts scheduled for November.

Read 3 books about the craft of writing. I met this goal a long time ago, but I’m slowly working my way through Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer anyway.


Reading: Log the books I read–and keep good records for youI’m maintaining Goodreads, as well as my “Books I Read in 2013” board on Pinterest.

Use my weekends well. Summer was easy, but I need ideas for winter.

Learn to use my camera. I did learn to shoot in manual mode (thank you, Shoot Fly Shoot) but I’m working on a project right now that’s testing my abilities. (But I have help, so hopefully I’ll get good results and learn something.)

How are you coming on your 2013 goals? 

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  1. Corrie Anne says:

    Have you ever tried practicing pull-ups with a resistance band? Like this: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13270944&locale=en_US&clickid=prod_cs&recid=Product_PageElement_product_rr_2_158

    That’s what really helped me learn. It took me about two months of practicing daily. Now I’m working towards 5. You can do it! It’s very exciting when you get your first one!! I wasn’t actually positive that I’d ever be able to do one since when I first started trying, I had a hard time just hanging from the bar and couldn’t pull at all!

  2. Ana says:

    If you think of winter weekend ideas, please share! I am getting that panic that I tend to get imagining long weekends cooped up with active little ones…

  3. Your goal of doing one pull up made me smile. That has been the goal of my entire life! I remember the feeling of dread every year in elementary school gym class when we had the fitness test of having to do pull ups. I failed miserably every time. It’s almost cruel to make others have to do this in public!

  4. Kelly M. says:

    I finally went back and looked at my New Year’s resolutions and realized they weren’t specific enough, except for maybe two. It’s hard to feel like I’ve accomplished much when I gave myself too much leeway, i.e. “get on social media less”. Way too much wiggle room. I think next year, I’m going to make more concrete goals such as what you’ve listed here. Until then, I’m trying to throw myself into the one goal I was very clear about. Thankfully, NaNoWriMo is in November!

  5. Carrie says:

    Anne I’ve never publicly posted my goals but you and Crystal Paine inspired me to begin! I’m also working on doing a pull-up and chin-up. It’s slow going on that one, but I’m definitely seeing progress. This month I’m doing the 30 Day Plank Challenge so that should help a little. 🙂

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