2013 Goal Update: Erratic (April)

2013 Goal Update: Erratic (April)


I made great progress in some areas in April, and no progress at all in others. I’m trying to figure out if this is the way it goes, or if I need a better plan. I’m inclined to think the former, but reflecting on the details will help me decide if I need to make any changes in my strategy.


Save up half a down payment. We’re 33% funded. Because we got behind in January, I’m thrilled to just be on pace. My big paycheck from a week of working full-time caught us up.

Health and Fitness:

Practice yoga once a week.

Do one pull-up. 

8:30 2k row. 

April was not a good month for me, fitness-wise. I got busy, and this is what fell to the wayside. Now life has returned to our crazy-ish kind of normal, but the pollen count is so high that rowing makes my lungs feel like they’re on fire. I’m thinking through ways to cross-train that aren’t so aerobically taxing. May might be a good time to hit the heavy weights, focus on yoga, and work on my pull-ups.

About those pull-ups: I don’t know whether to be encouraged or bummed after reading the mechanics of the pull-up (and why women can absolutely do them). This Scientific American article said that 1. pull-ups are going to be hard for me because I have really long arms and 2. I can get a pull-up, but it might take longer than a year.


Guest post once a month. Here’s where you could find me around the web in April.

Read 3 books about the craft of writing. I read Steven Pressfield’s Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work on the plane. I’ve also been diving through the archives of the Paris Review. Does that count?

Hit up another conference (or two or three). I’m counting my writer’s weekend in Austin. I also bought my tickets for the Influence Conference and Story Chicago, both happening this September.

At Home

Celebrate Special Breakfasts. We didn’t have birthdays or holidays to celebrate in April, although I did cook up a mean cheddar-bacon-apple frittata one Saturday morning, just because. It also qualifies as a special breakfast because of the gymnastics I went through so everyone in the family could eat it. No cheese for one kid, no eggs for another….you get the idea.

Print photographs quarterly. I’m feeling pretty good about this one.


Log the books I read–and keep good records for you. In addition to using Goodreads, I’m pinning my completed books to Pinterest.

Read 1 fiction book a month. I’ve been reading more than that so I can find some good reads for this summer’s beach reading guide.


Say yes to get-togethers with friends. This is happening.

Seek out opportunities to meet blogging friends in person. I’m just back from a writer’s retreat in Austin, and it’s so fun to be able to hear these women’s voices and see their gestures in my mind when I read their emails, tweets, and facebook messages.

with camera

Use my weekends well. Our weekends have been taken over by baseball and out-of-town travel, but I think we’re managing pretty well.

Learn to use my camera. I made great strides on this one in April, thanks to the photography class I’m taking.

Go on a family camping trip. I’ve been saying I wasn’t even going to think about this one until spring. Well, it’s spring. Time to think about it.

How are you coming on your 2013 goals? And what do you think: is it “normal” to make great strides in some areas, and be pretty lax about others, all in the same month?

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  1. Sage Grayson says:

    I make quarterly goals and then break them down into monthly goals and then again into weekly goals. I’m very Type A. 🙂 We’re also saving for a down payment. It’s slow and steady, but we’re making progress.

  2. Sarah says:

    Slowly but surely wins the race! I have a goal of doing a pull-up too, but being pregnant has put a damper on that for the time being (who knew how much you use your abs to do a pull-up?!) I want to do a family camping trip, too. Should be interesting with a 3 year old! I guess normal bedtime goes out the window on a camping trip, eh?

  3. Tim says:

    I’m here to help, Anne: Come blog at my place! Please, please, pretty please!

    And on the pull-up: are you able to lift yourself higher now than before? Whenever you notice a slight gain, you are that much closer to reaching the bar. And have you tried lat pull downs and rows as a conditioning exercise on your days off from pull-ups? I don’t know if they will help you, but they’ve helped me with my back strength.

    Keep going on all the goals, Anne. You’re doing great!


    P.S. And particularly keep going straight to my place with a guest post. Not that I’m being pushy or anything, of course.

  4. HopefulLeigh says:

    I have to know: how do you make an eggless frittata?

    And yes, it’s normal to make progress on some goals more than others. Unless it’s your full-time job.

  5. How in the world do you keep all the goals in mind? Am I the only one with foggy brain? I am a planner and an organized person, but my planning is unorganized! Help.

  6. Sounds like you are doing well to me! That’s quite a lot to achieve, even if it may not be what you are hoping/planning for.

    You’ve encouraged me to dig out some fiction books. I really need to improve in that area. Would love to read one a month.

    Hope you find a workout that won’t hurt your lungs!

  7. Sarah @ blissful-simplicity says:

    Sounds like you are off to a great start for 2013! I absolutely LOVE yoga and couldn’t imagine my week without going at least once! I really like the categories you chose and a simple, reachable goal for each! Good luck and keep us updated! 🙂

  8. You are making progress-slow and steady. I have found it hard this month with various things that have to be a priority-right now. Not later. Like running. We had to pull long runs this month because our long race is next Saturday. We couldn’t wait for another day. It had to happen. And with writing, I’ve spent several afternoons with friends, which means I had to double up for writing. Kind of had to happen too-especially with promised guest posts. I don’t want the urgent to run my life, but sometimes there is a need to focus on the urgent, because it is in your face. Then it is done. Does that make sense? I am totally a proponent of important vs. urgent-but there are seasons when everything seems rather urgent. Anyway…I am glad you are hitting your goals.

    • Anne says:

      “I am totally a proponent of important vs. urgent-but there are seasons when everything seems rather urgent.”

      Uh, yes. That absolutely makes sense! This comment is oddly encouraging. 🙂

  9. This is a *fantastic* reminder for me to update my 2013 goals on my blog. I love your goals by the way….they seem very simple, stretching but also do-able. I think sometimes I just go soooooo way overboard it’s redonkulous. (i.e. lose 150 million pounds in 8 weeks!)

    anyway, also been loving your blog lately & just wanted to encourage you! =)

    • Anne says:

      I love that you said “redonkulous.” That’s a favorite word around here. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words! That means a lot, coming from you.

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