The Why of My Work Life

The Why of My Work Life

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Please join me in welcoming Carrie Willard to the blog. 

When I read on Anne’s blog that she wanted women to talk about their work, I immediately emailed her asking if I could share my thoughts.

The topic of women, money, and work is as likely to spark heated words as spanking or health care reform. I’m not going to get involved in the politics of the issue. I’m going to talk about the reasons why I do what I do.

I work because my income earning ability is directly tied to my self-esteem.

It’s really that simple.

I could go into the history of the evolution of my personal philosophy on this subject. I could tell you how my first marriage ending played heavily into my stance. I could list statistics about how women fare when they decide to “forgo income producing work in favor of a domestic role predicated on economic dependency,” as Leslie Bennetts, author of The Feminine Mistake, puts it. I could tell you how my religious and family upbringing and Gen-Xness played into it, and all that.

But I prefer not to.

The truth is, I enjoy my work and it makes me feel good about myself.

And that’s reason enough to do it. It’s the answer to “why it’s worth it.”

There are other perks, too, of course. The money I earn means that my husband is home in the evenings and on weekends. My income creates a snowball effect on my husband’s old debts, stops us from reaching for a credit card when an emergency comes up, lets us pay cash for our cars, helps us beat back the IRS every year, and saves up for that trip to the south of France.

I think my children are learning about happiness, work ethic, and healthy boundaries when they see me working.

I earn my income from writing ebooks and a blog and maintaining two websites. The “how” of it changes depending on what’s going on with my family (I have 6 children still at home and we homeschool). This post is a recent explanation of the how.

Thanks Anne for letting me share!

Carrie Willard writes about homeschooling, books, food and apprendre le français at

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’ve been on all 3 sides of this issue. Working (a lot), not working (at all), and then the in between. For me and my family what works best so far is the in between. Part time work or working from home. The house stays livable, the kids are taken care of, and I feel good about myself. The key isn’t “doing it all” but doing what works and makes you happy. And that’s something we all get to decide for ourselves!

  2. Lesley says:

    Love this series, and love this post. I don’t think I’m going to forget this line: “I work because my income earning ability is directly tied to my self-esteem.”

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