What I’m into (August 2016 edition)

What I’m into (August 2016 edition)

As always, linking up with my friend Leigh Kramer to share what I’m into.

August has felt like a straight downhill run from the height of summer straight into back-to-school everything.

My whole family packed up for a week+ at the beach on August 4. We got home on August 14. My 1st grader and I went to new-student orientation on the 15th. And everybody started back to school on the 16th.

It’s been fun but it’s also making my head spin!


Alabama Theater popcast live

We just happened to be driving back from vacation a few hours before the live event for Knox and Jamie’s show The Popcast. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a live podcast event but it was an amazing evening, and it was so fun to get to finally meet some of my favorite people on the internet who were in attendance.

My family had so much fun spending not quite 24 hours in Birmingham. We hit ate amazing barbecue, strolled around the beautiful (and free!) botanical garden, and visited a local bookstore—my favorite thing to do in any city I visit. (I’m thinking about doing a blog post about destination independent bookstores. Got any must-visit bookstores I should know about? Hit me.)

Low maintenance everything

Now we’re home and school is in session. I’ve never had all the kids in school all day before and it is … different. Very very different.

I have a lot of projects going on right now and I’m trying to pour my energy into the things that matter, and streamline the things that don’t as much as possible. That looks like lots of ponytails and a dead-simple uniform for me. It looks like the exact same thing for breakfast every day and PrepDish for dinner. There have been days recently where I’ve spent the whole day in workout clothes which isn’t like me but for a season? It’s totally fine.

What I’m reading

new Louise Penny a great reckoning

The new Louise Penny, finally!

I’m finishing up my second read of Before We Visit the Goddess today: it’s our final Summer Reading Club selection and we’re all chatting with author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni tonight and I need to be prepared!

September book of the month

And I’m about to dive into the new Book of the Month selections. I’m so excited that Amor Towles’s new and much-anticipated A Gentleman in Moscow is a September pick. (I got to read it already—and talked about it in this week’s episode of What Should I Read Next—and I’m thrilled that so many readers are going to get their hands on it, for less, through BOTM.)

Several of you have been trying to talk me into—or out of—Amy Schumer. (Thoughts?) I keep reading amazing things about Behold the Dreamers. And I love the Towles and would happily read it again.

(Use the code 30TOTE to save 30% off a new 3-month subscription.)

What I’m trying to remember

To plant zinnias next year! I finally caught the rhythm of planting tulip bulbs in the fall; now I need to remember to plant my annual seeds in the spring—you would think that would be easier! We used to have a giant zinnia bed at our old house but fell out of the habit, and it’s never crossed my mind to plant them at the new. But the current farmers’ market abundance has me regretting that. (Any tips for remembering in the spring?)

What I’m watching

Um, nothing. But I’m excited about The Blacklist starting back up again. (Season 3 was questionable but the finale was intriguing, I’ll give it that.)

And I want to get fall under way and our schedules settled down so Will and I can start a new show. I’m thinking The West Wing. (I’ve never seen it, can you believe it?)

I hope you had a lovely August. What have YOU been into lately? 

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  1. Kim says:

    Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is on Netflix now. I enjoyed the book and I think the mini-series is well done.

    Bookstores – Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh (in a new location now), Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC.

  2. Elle says:

    Wild Rumpus books in Minneapolis is just magical – it’s mostly a children’s book store. Chickens and cats roam the store, and there are rats, ferrets, chinchillas, doves, cockatiels, lizards and tarantulas in cages to visit. The “scary” books are in a little creepy hit with a plexiglass floor and rats playing beneath. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom is a glowing fish tank. And they always have the best books, with authors doing signings and story hours. I never cease to find fifteen books I want to buy. It’s one of my most favorite places & we take all out-of-towners there to visit.

  3. Justine says:

    If you are ever in Ontario, Canada, you should visit The Monkey’s Paw bookstore in Toronto! It is a second hand bookstore which specializes in obscure old books. It also has a “bibliomatic” which is a vending machine for books. SO COOL.

  4. Amber says:

    Third Place Books is my favorite Seattle area Indie Book Store. Definitely watch The West Wing. It’s my rematch comfort show.

  5. Jennifer N. says:

    I’m about a quarter of the way through Amy Schumer’s book… and I kind of wish I had bought the audio version instead. The writing is not great, but I bet listening to Amy herself narrate the stories (which are entertaining) would be much more rewarding.

  6. Susan says:

    As has already been stated, West Wing is incredible! I binged watched it last summer and was struck by how many of the issues were still topical.

    Do check out the Tattered Cover in Denver. I’m disappointed that they closed the second story in the downtown location, but I’m glad that they’ve branched out to the airport and Union Station.

    But I really came back to let you know that Amor Towles was interviewed on NPR this morning: http://www.npr.org/2016/09/06/492434255/idea-for-gentleman-in-moscow-came-from-many-nights-in-luxury-hotels

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