Well-Rounded Links

Love this:  You say “old lady” like it’s a BAD thing.  (via Already Pretty)

Fashion Me Fabulous gives us Office Modesty Tips for summertime dressing.  (Love their photos!)

“We tend to be much harder on ourselves than other people when it comes to productivity. What we deem laziness in ourselves we often deem healthy in other people.”  Rachel Held Evans encourages us to be kinder to ourselves.

Suddenly, natural family planning is newsworthy.  Case in point:  an evolving view of natural family planning in the New York Times.

Girls, pick your bedtime reading with care.

Have I mentioned that I love the yarnstormers?  Try this road trip picnic and knitted mini cooper from Knitta Please.

From the Royal Visit:  Kate meets Anne of Green Gables.  (Thanks, Audrey!)

Have a great weekend!

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