Well-Rounded Links

Well-Rounded Links

“What are the most special things we can cook? I contend the most special preparations are not those that are most difficult, time-consuming, or use the most expensive ingredients, but rather the ones that result in food we can’t buy.”  From Michael Ruhlman, with a recipe for homemade potato chips.  (No, not healthy, but they look divine.)

Becca recommended a great link in the comments to Wednesday’s postShould we just dump the worthless Chicago public schools and start over?  A case study in how a determined group of parents can turn a school around.

5 Mistakes I Continue to Make in My Marriage, at The Happiness Project.

The Nester shares 20 ways to decorate with book pages from the recent party she threw for her sister’s book release, filled with plenty of tips for getting Anthro decorating style on the cheap.

Welcome fall with spiced apple cider (from Three Many Cooks).

Insatiable Need shares how to wear (most of) your summer clothes well into fall and even winter.


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