Well-Rounded Links

Do you play well with others?  Melissa D’Arabian waxes poetic on playing nice over at the Food Network blog, of all places!  (Thanks to Jessica at Life as Mom for pointing this out; you can read her excellent post on the subject here.)

Do you know your body type?  Get your tape measures ready, because Betty Beguiles has a handy guide to identifying your body type here.

I needed this:  How to Get Up Early Without Losing Sleep

I have excellent coffee options in my town, but for those that don’t, this may be a (pricey) solution:  A coffee CSA.

This is laugh-out-loud funny:  The Only Weather Map You’ll Need this Summer.

After my Birthdays Are Overrated post, several readers wrote to tell me about their own unbirthday celebrations. (Christine even blogged about an unbirthday party for twenty-two kids!) Of course it made me think of Alice:

Have a great weekend!

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