The Thanksgiving Dresses That Were Nearly My Undoing

The Thanksgiving Dresses That Were Nearly My Undoing

This is a picture of my girls in their handmade Thanksgiving dresses.  Aren’t they sweet?

Six days before Thanksgiving, my 6-year-old asked me if we could make her a Thanksgiving dress together.  It sounded like fun, and I thought she meant “Christmas dress.”  (She didn’t.)  So I said yes.

It was the wrong decision.

I know my personality:  I love to start new projects; I have a harder time finishing them.  I’m an INFP and Megan’s post about dealing with her own P-ness (I didn’t realize that was funny until I told this story out loud to my husband and he fell over laughing) was rattling through my head even as I was saying yes.

And as I was saying yes, I was thinking about Simple Mom and how if I had my own personal Board of Directors like she advocates they would never let me agree to make two Thanksgiving dresses (because the 6-year-old has a 4-year-old sister) in 6 days.  Not this year.

But I said yes anyway because I couldn’t resist the pull of the fun new project.

We did get those dresses made with time to spare, and it was fun (mostly), and the dresses are darling and they love them.

But it was still a bad decision.

I feel like I got off with a warning this time around:  the consequences for my bad call were pretty mild.  It’s not even December yet; I’ve got time to recover.  But the holidays are just getting started, and if I take on any other new projects that I know I don’t have time for I will collapse in a puddle of exhaustion and stress long before we make it to December 25.

So I am taking this early lesson to heart, and I am telling myself to: Go to bed early!  Keep things simple!  Don’t be ambitious!  Relax and enjoy!

I know how to have a peaceful holiday season.  Now I just have to do it.

What trips you up over the holidays?  How do you avoid your own trouble spots?  I need some good ideas–share them in comments!

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  1. I always feel the need to make goodies for all of Peter’s co-workers, and now they expect it. In fact, some of the guys have already asked when his wife is going to make her hot chocolate mix. Nothing like a little outside pressure, eh? I know I’ll do it again, but I’m working on the whole time management thing so that it doesn’t get overwhelming. I’m also learning about “good enough” – as in, I looked around the newly decorated for Christmas living room last night and thought, “It’s good enough – simply, yet holly and jolly.” 🙂

    Cute dresses, by the way! I understand it being close to putting you over the top, but I also know that you created a special memory for your daughters, and that’s pretty priceless. It doesn’t mean you have to make a Thanksgiving dress every year from now on, but the point is that you spontaneously did it…ONCE. She’ll remember that.

  2. Jodi B says:

    You did a wonderful job. Thanks for the reminder to keep things simple though. 🙂 I have resisted the call to sew my girls Christmas dresses thus far but it has been hard to do. I keep reminding myself “The first year is hardest, take it easy. The first year is hardest….”

  3. Oh, my goodness, can I relate to this post! (I’m an INFP, too – nice to meet another one. I know we’re rare birds)

    In fact, that is why I have the rule about no holiday crafts past December first …. too many Christmas Eve’s up waaaay too late because I’ve take on too much and spent the first three weeks of December avoiding all that I need to get done. It is much better, for everyone, if I just keep things light in December.

    But, I have to tell you that your girls looks adorable in their Thanksgiving dresses – lovely!

    Best Wishes!

  4. Annie Kate says:

    Cute dresses, but I know what you mean…and I see my kids heading in the same direction. Why, why, why do we do this to ourselves?

    It takes a lot of self-discipline to be peaceful, doesn’t it?

    On the other hand, Carrie is right in pointing out that you made some very special memories.:)


    Annie Kate

  5. 'Becca says:

    Just this morning, my son got the idea that we should hang our stockings now and start giving each other stocking gifts immediately, “and we can look at them but not use them; we have to put them back until Christmas morning.” NO. I enjoy giving stocking gifts, but it takes me all of Advent to collect good ones. I really, really don’t want to feel pressured to find something every day! (And Monday morning after a holiday weekend is NOT a good time to harangue Mama all the way to school, kiddo.) Furthermore, we’re going to my parents’ for Christmas, so I want to transport empty stockings. And regarding my own stocking, I feel it’s far more magical to see it empty for weeks and then full on Christmas morning! So I resisted my son’s pressuring, but he really went on and on trying to convince me. Aargh.

    The “P-ness” reminds me of a former co-worker who eventually told me she’d been secretly giggling for months over my use of PMISS as the variable name for “number of parent questions that are missing.” I hadn’t ever said it aloud. 🙂

  6. I can totally relate to this- I am generally not gifted when it comes to hand-crafting things, and I usually know better than to try. The majority of the stuff I make just doesn’t turn out quite right, and then I get annoyed that it doesn’t look very good.

    It does get so hectic this time of year. I think it’s great to make things if you enjoy it, but store-bought works best for me.

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