A fractured fairy tale. (Yes, you have to read the kissing parts.)

A fractured fairy tale. (Yes, you have to read the kissing parts.)

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It didn’t have any big stars. It wasn’t a major box office success. But this film quickly gained cult classic status after it was released to home video and has been going strong ever since, for twenty-five years now.

The Princess Bride is a fractured fairy tale that gently mocks the genre even while paying homage to it. The sweet and silly story plays well to both kids and adults. It’s eminently quotable; fans know their favorite lines by heart.

(Have fun storming the castle!)

princess bride

William Goldman adapted his novel of the same name for the big screen himself. (I haven’t read the book yet, though several of you told me you believe the movie is better.)

(“When I was your age, television was called books.”)

Interestingly, The Princess Bride bears more than a passing resemblance to Reiner’s other cult classic, the rockumentary Spinal Tap.


Reiner pushes the boundaries of the fairy tale, but doesn’t break them. The theme here is true love (twue wuv?), and it’s no spoiler to tell you Wesley and Buttercup get their happily ever after. That’s how fairy tales end.

Even zany ones like this.

(They’re kissing again. Do we have to read the kissing parts?)

If I didn’t include your favorite quote above, my apologies. Feel free to leave it in comments.

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