Summer Sundays

Summer Sundays

One of my big goals for the summer is to take great pictures, but I’m only doing okay with my 2012 goal of learning to use my camera, so when I got my new iPhone, I wanted to learn to use the camera right away. I love my (bulky) Canon DSLR, but I also love how the iPhone fits in my pocket and can easily go everywhere.

I wanted to flatten my learning curve, so I bought Alli Worthington’s new iPhone photography ebook so I could learn the ropes before our family vacation.

I’m so glad I did: I had no idea how much I didn’t know about what my iPhone camera could do (or about photography in general, sigh). If you take pictures with your iPhone, I highly recommend spending $5 on the iPhone photography ebook.

We’ve spent a lot of days at the pool during this hot(!!) summer, so I thought I’d pass along this tip that I didn’t learn until my fourth baby: you can wash and reuse those disposable swim diapers. Really. I wish I’d known this with my first! I’ve been doing this all summer and it’s been working great. For more info, check out Rebekah’s tips here and Amy’s tips here.

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If you were part of the MMD Facebook page, you would have been able to participate in the first-ever MMD Facebook poll. I was very surprised at the results (but more about that tomorrow). You also would have seen some fun Jane Austen handmade items and gotten a coupon code to a lovely Etsy shop. To follow along, you can “like” the page here.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Anne says:

    Yes! Leanne, a good portion of the book is devoted to different apps and what they can do (maybe 6-8 of them in the core part of the book). Obviously I’m new to all this, but I had no idea what apps I wanted, or why, or what they could even do. (They weren’t expensive, I think I’ve spent $5 so far total. Some of the apps were free.)

    The book also talked about how to compose photos, tips to take better pics, make collages, write on photos, and a whole lot of whoa-I’m-not-there-yet advanced tips on photography and using photos to blog with (or sell).

    Do you take a lot of pics with your phone? What do you use now?

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