Things I’ll wear 1000x this summer

Things I’ll wear 1000x this summer

Thanks to Tapered Collection for sponsoring this post.

I’ve long been intrigued by the idea of a daily uniform. For the past several years, I’ve consciously repeated similar outfits day after day.

This conscious limitation makes getting dressed so much easier, so I can conserve my mental energy for more pressing decisions—while still looking good.

My uniform changes from season to season; these are the pieces I’ll have on repeat all summer long.

My 8 warm weather essentials:

1. Classy tees.

I’ve had Tapered Collection tees on repeat since the weather warmed up. They’re made from a soft, substantial knit, cut to drape beautifully on your body, which means they wear (and wash, hallelujah) like a t-shirt but look more like a blouse. I’m wearing the tapered v-neck in midnight above.

For a dressier look, I’m loving their mid-sleeve crew, which I wore (in black) to church with a statement necklace and nice pants over the weekend. The mid-sleeve scoop neck is also really pretty; I just wore mine (in white) to a ballgame with chambray shorts.

(To try these for yourself, make sure to enter the code welcome at checkout to save 15% off your entire order.)

2. Statement necklace.

An eye-catching necklace is an easy way to fulfill the rule of three, which says that when you add a third piece to a top and bottom—like a scarf, cardigan, jacket, or necklace—you’ve made an outfit. That third piece completes the look.

3. White jeans.

These look a little bit crisper than dark denim, and my favorite relaxed fit feels a lot cooler on regular days. Pair these with a classy tee and a necklace and you can go to a meeting or a ballgame and be perfectly dressed either way.

4. Brown sandals.

A brown or nude shoe goes with almost everything, and it doesn’t hurt that it makes my legs look a little longer, too. My current favorite style is cool for hot days, but doesn’t look out of place indoors. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also comfortable enough I can walk for miles in them.

5. Straw tote.

This crocheted straw tote is large enough to hold everything for a trip to the beach, but polished enough to carry to the office. (Bonus: it’s big enough to hold a few beach towels OR my laptop.) With this bag, any outfit takes on a fresh and summery vibe.

6. Chambray shorts.

This 5″ style is typical enough to feel classic, but unexpected enough to be interesting. They’re easy to wear, easy to wash, and look especially great with black, navy, or white. (Or stripes!)

7. Aviators.

These classic sunglasses are never going out of style, and they look good with everything. You can pick up a pair at someplace like Target, or honestly probably even a gas station rack, but last year I finally invested in sunglasses that cost more than $12 and I love them. (I’m wearing these.)

8. Straw hat.

My skin is sensitive enough that the sunscreen situation is dicey, so this year I resolved to wear more hats. The point is to hide from the sun, but they look pretty good, too. (I’m wearing this style above.)

No matter how cute the hat, it still does terrible things to my bangs. You can’t win them all, I suppose?

What are YOUR summer staples? Tell us all about them in comments. 

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  1. Jennifer N. says:

    I work in a lab, so skinny jeans are pretty much my year-round staple. I pair them with a seasonally appropriate top. At home, though, this year I’m going for cutoff jean shorts and tees. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight this past year and finally feel like my legs aren’t too jiggly for shorts! I love flats (close-toed shoes for work) and I bought a pair of Reef flip flops in tan for non-work wear. So far as accessorizing – I still can’t manage to feel comfortable in statement necklaces. I generally wear the same necklace everyday, but I do try to change up my earrings every day.

  2. Antonia says:

    I’m having trouble finding the right sunscreen. I believe there is a powder one you found that was okay, but I can’t remember the post that mentioned it. Could you remind me?

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