A New Podcast!

A New Podcast!

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A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of myself–headset-equipped to record a podcast–on instagram and on the MMD facebook page.

Well, now you can listen to that podcast I recorded with Erik Fisher of Beyond the To Do List. We talked about blending work and family, playing virtual Tetris, and how making things “work” in your own life and family is really the most important thing. He’s a great host, and I’m honored to be on his show.

Head over here to listen to the podcast.

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    • Anne says:

      Thank you so much, Matt! And I love that you compared work/life negotiation issues to coffee. That is a favorite topic of mine 🙂

  1. It took me two chunks of time to listen to this podcast, but I finally finished it and just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed it. A lot of great insight into how to blend the different components of life into something that works. Thank you for being willing to share what works for you and the fact that you’re still working on finding that sweet spot for keeping all the balls in the air.


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