On Books, Conflict, and Loosening the Purse Strings

On Books, Conflict, and Loosening the Purse Strings

True to my 2013 goal, I’ve been guest posting quite a bit this month. Here’s where you can find me:

Over at  Laura Vanderkam’s blog, I’m sharing about how A Saver Learns to Spend. This one is for you who want to know how I homeschool my kids and still get some work done. From the post:

I’ve had a little household help for a few years; I’ve known for a while now it was time to hire more. But I’m a born saver: I love the idea of paying someone to fold my laundry, but I also love keeping my money in my own bank account.

I tried to convince my inner Saver that hiring help would let me get more work done, for more profit, but this line of reasoning remained unhelpfully abstract.

The breakthrough came when I realized this decision was about more than money. It was about choosing between two different versions of my life…

Read the rest here.


Over at Inspiration-Driven Life, I’m talking about conflict. Specifically, about The Fight we had 10 years into our marriage that we just. couldn’t. resolve. From the post:

I remember what it was about; it doesn’t matter what it was about. All you need to know is this: we couldn’t work through it.

We disagreed, and though we talked and talked and talked about it, we couldn’t figure it out. We were stuck.

I was beside myself that I couldn’t get him to see things my way. Because I was right, and he was being a jerk. And maybe a little stupid. Because otherwise, he would have agreed with me. Obviously.

What I didn’t know–though I probably should have figured it out by then–is that many conflicts in marriage aren’t solvable

Read the rest here.


I share two of my favorite April reads over at Booking It for Life as Mom…and so do Carrie and Jessica. (You can also link up your April reading.) If you’d like more details on Surprised by Oxford and My Ideal Bookshelf than I shared on twitterature, head on over!

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