My Influence Network Class (in Tweets)

My Influence Network Class in Tweets

Storified by Anne Bogel· Fri, Jan 25 2013 05:12:33

I’m really excited about @AnneBogel’s class tonight about Making the Most of Your 20’s. 🙂 #InfluenceNetthe tiny twig
RT @influencenet: This is the season to discern your calling. @AnneBogel on "making the most of your 20s"Jewel
"Real Growth can look a lot like being lost." @AnneBogel @InfluenceNet Thank you so much!Emily
Loving my first @InfluenceNet class with @annebogel! Reed
Learning + exploring + growing is not floundering. @AnneBogel #InfluenceNetInfluence Network
Don’t assume good times mean you’re doing everything right. Hard times don’t mean you’re doing things wrong. @AnneBogel #InfluenceNetInfluence Network
"Want to fix 95% of female interpersonal relationships? Don’t be sarcastic and don’t gossip"- @AnneBogel SO true (and so hard)5ohWifey
"@annebogel: happy endings are intentional" thank you for the wonderful encouragement! I am most definitely writing my own happy endingAmy Reed
"Coming into your own is a process"- @AnneBogel. Thank you for an amazing class! #influencenetEmily Andrews
@AnneBogel @InfluenceNet Thank you so much for a fantastic class tonight! :-)Sarah Eshbaugh
umm … I took six pages worth of notes in @AnneBogel’s #influencenet class. #sogood @InfluenceNetCourtney Dignam
@cjdignam @InfluenceNet It was SOOO good, wasn’t it? Loved soaking up @AnneBogel’s knowledge.BlissDiaries
Here’s a link to a fast, free Myers-Briggs test, as promised. If you’ve never taken one DO IT NOW! #influencenetAnne Bogel
More #influencenet follow-up. We had lots of questions about singles tonight. You need to read this from @hopefulleigh! Bogel
Just finished reading the chat stream from my #InfluenceNet class on the 20something years. You ladies bless me so much–thanks for coming!Anne Bogel

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  1. Sarah Beals says:

    Aw, I was rooting for you! Looks like you did great. I loved the tweet about fixing 95% of interpersonal related drama–don’t be sarcastic and don’t gossip. I could not agree more with you. So glad you had this opportunity. I won’t be online much next week due to our media fast. (Why? Here:
    But, I’ll be checking in on your posts when I return.
    Have a great weekend, friend.

  2. Tim says:

    My favorite is “Don’t assume good times mean you’re doing everything right. Hard times don’t mean you’re doing things wrong.” Glad to hear it went so well!


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