My Goals for 2012

I love dreaming up goals for the New Year, and I wanted to share mine with you.  I’m looking forward to unpacking these in more detail throughout the month of January.


Hit the major financial milestone we’ve been working on for 2 years. I’ve never started the New Year with an already-completed goal, so I’m putting this one at the top of the list!  My husband and I were hoping to hit this milestone in March, but we were surprised to be able to pull this one off on December 30, 2011.  It’s nice to enter the New Year with some momentum behind us!

Save a pile of cash. Yes, we have a specific goal, but I’m not blogging it 🙂

Health and Fitness:

Do one pull-up. I have gotten so close to hitting this goal twice in the past, but pregnancy has always interfered.  This is the year.

8:30 2k row. I thought about choosing a running goal, but the thing is:  I hate running.  (There!  I said it.)


Start a new blog. I am aching to dialogue about matters of faith, and I’d like a separate space for that.  I’ve purchased the domain, I’m setting up the site….stay tuned for updates!

Write an e-book. I would love to give this a try.

Read 3 books about the craft of writing.


Redo our living room. Nothing elaborate, but it badly needs a paint job.  And then it will need curtains.  And pillows.  And maybe, a comfy chair.  On the cheap.

Complete the switch to green cleaning products.


Read Harry Potter, Madeline L’Engle, and Annie Dillard. These three have been on my reading (or re-reading) list for ages, and 2012 is the year.

Log the books I read. I’ve been a terrible literary record-keeper in the past. This year, I’m going to do better.


Get together with friends once a month, just for fun. Playdates don’t count.

Send Christmas cards. I’ve taken several (ahem) years off.  We probably have long-lost friends that don’t even know we had a fourth child.  This year, I’m sending them.  I have nearly 12 months to plan ahead!


Be more on top of things.  In a later post I’ll share my plan for making this fuzzy goal more concrete.

Learn to use my camera.

Go on a family camping trip.


Learn to knit. In 2012, I’ll learn to knit mittens, baby booties, and a (really cute) hat.

Have fun sewing. This year, I’ll make a picnic blanket, a dress-up cape, and curtains for our living room.

Give handmade gifts. Especially for the many babies we’re planning on welcoming in 2012.

We’re also thinking hard about our 10-year plan.

What do you want to accomplish in 2012?

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