My Daughter Wants a Blog for Her Birthday

My Daughter Wants a Blog for Her Birthday

Last month, my 7-year-old declared she wanted a blog for her birthday.


Her birthday’s next month. My husband and I have been talking it over, while she’s been busy brainstorming names, plotting categories, and dreaming up potential posts.

blog categories

Potential categories. She’s serious, y’all. 

There’s so much I love about this idea. She’s bursting with creativity, and a blog would be a great outlet. (Her “post” for this blog is consistently one of the most popular.) She wants to share projects and stories and ideas.

But I’m not exactly comfortable with the idea. Because, you know, it’s the internet. And she’s a kid.

One possible solution–and its drawbacks

An obvious solution is to make the blog private, using a service like Kidblog or requiring readers to obtain a password to read it. (This probably goes without saying, but on the back end, I would have the only password that has a “publish now” button, and I would moderate comments.)

But a private blog isn’t a perfect solution—and not just because my daughter loves the idea of reaching a large audience.

my child wants to blog

I’ve been combing through the research, and I’ve been surprised at what I’ve found. The Stanford Study of Writing found that college students write more and better when they believe they’re writing for a large audience. Additionally, the students “almost always” had more enthusiasm for self-directed writing–writing they did on their time, on subjects they chose–than on writing they did for class.

This is notable to me because we homeschool, and the educational potential of a blog is obvious.

My daughter has her blog all planned out: she wants to learn to type, and make lists, and long-term plans. She wants to write and write and write. She wants to take pictures and make crafts. She wants to ask big brother to be her copyeditor.

Is the blog necessary for all this? No. But it’s wonderful motivation.

No precedents

And so now, we have a month to decide what to do about this blog.

Jon Acuff has often said that it’s tough for today’s parents to figure out social media with our kids because there’s no precedent: We are the first generation of parents in the history of mankind that has to have a digital footprint conversation with our kids.

And there’s definitely no precedent for figuring out what to do when your daughter wants a blog.

Oh, and after she starts the blog? She wants an Etsy shop to go with it.


Dear readers, hit me up with all your wisdom. What advice do you have to offer? (And if you have little people in your life who want blogs of their own, tell me about it!) 

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  1. MSmith says:

    Personally, I would be ecstatic if my daughter comes to me in a few years (she’s only 4 now) and asks if she can start a blog! Especially if she has entrepreneurial desires! That seems like great aspirations. Plus, like you said, the blog would make a great outlet for her creativity and thoughts. It would make a natural journal for her (if she doesn’t keep one already). This blog and etsy store could be some serious fuel and motivation to her to be her absolute best for many years to come!

  2. Kerry says:

    Hi there, can I ask what you decided to do? My daughter is 8 and really wants a blog and I am as you were a little unsure about the idea. She wants it to be a public blog form the start and like you daughter has it all planned out!!
    I love the creativity aspect and the fact that at a young age she is so passionate about writing and her life that she wants to share it with the world but the safety side is what puts me off!
    Any advice would be greatly received! Thanks xxx

    • Anne says:

      Kerry, I need to do an update at some point! She has a blog now. It’s not private, but we’ve only shared the domain with about three people so far. Right now we’re trying to figure out a good rhythm for letting her write posts without disrupting our family life because she still needs a lot of supervision.

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  4. Songul says:

    My daughter is 9 and has been doing my head in to have her own blog for the past 2 years – we decided tonight to set up an account. Just wanted to know how your daughter is doing?

    • Anne says:

      She does have a blog setup, but recently she’s been way more into writing “books” than blog posts. And planning parties. I’m trying to roll with the punches here. 🙂

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