Links for My Son

Simon Sinek TED talk on how great leaders inspire action. Sinek uses the examples of Apple, the Wright Brothers, and Martin Luther King, Jr. to explain his model for inspirational leadership.

Lego spill shuts down section of West Virginia highway. Really.

10 Great Book Series for Kids at Life as Mom. He’s always on the lookout for chapter books.

He’s counting down the days till Opening Day, and listening to this podcast with the Ballpark Boys in the meantime.

How to Make It in New York City. Okay, I would never actually load Penelope Trunk’s blog with my kids in the room. But this post about her 7-year-old son’s 1-day “internship” as a stylist in NYC has me thinking about the implications for my own self-directed son.

Read anything good this week? Feel free to share a link in comments.

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  1. Tim says:

    Oh, that poor kid who lost the legos from the roof of the car. And I can really feel for his mother about trying to pick them up in the middle of that traffic. What a mess, literally and figuratively!

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