How to Know Yourself, Determine Your Personal Style, (And Get a Stitch Fix Box You Love)

How to Know Yourself, Determine Your Personal Style, (And Get a Stitch Fix Box You Love)

Despite my love for the Myers-Briggs personality test, it took me years to determine my own personality type. What was holding me back? I (unintentionally) persisted in putting down the answers I wanted to be true, not the ones that actually described me. There was a difference.

Knowing yourself is not as simple as it sounds.

And that brings me to Stitch Fix. A few weeks ago, I received my 3rd fix–and I returned every single item in it. And honestly, I was annoyed. I expected each fix to be better than the last–but Stitch Fix sent me 3 shirts I HATED! (It was so bad I didn’t even take pictures.)

(They did send a plaid buttondown liked, but it cost more than I wanted to spend. In hindsight, I should have just kept it, but that’s another story!)

Determined to get a better “fix” next time, I returned to my style profile to see if it needed any tweaking. And that’s when I discovered my problem: I’d filled out the style profile according to what I wished was true about me–not according to what was actually true.

But last Friday, I got Fix #4–and it was perfect. I kept all 5 things. So what did I change to get such a great fix? I’ll tell you.

How to accurately diagnose your fashion sense and get a Stitch Fix box you love

First of all, Stitch Fix relies on my feedback to style each fix. When I checked out last time, I had to think about my personal style and articulate EXACTLY what didn’t work, and why:

how StitchFix checkout works(I wish I’d captured a screenshot of my feedback on Fix #3. This example is from my latest fix so you can see what the checkout process looks like.)

Then I turned my attention to my style profile, and I immediately realized why they’d sent me blouses I hated: I’d asked for them.

My profile was all over the place. For example, I’d specifically said that I loved and wore “bohemian chic,” but that’s an aspirational answer, not a realistic one. When Stitch Fix sent me bohemian pieces, I tried them–and hated them. With that new information about my personal style, I confidently edited my style profile to focus on classic and casual chic pieces–with a hefty dose of prep.
how to fill out Stitch Fix style profileFrom my updated style profile, after major tweaking. Now it says about classic and casual chic: “This style is me to a tee.” Not sure what “bohemian chic” or “edgy” means? Stitch Fix has a Pinterest board for each style.

Finally, I created a Pinterest board just for my stitch fix stylist, and explained why I pinned each item. (I even pinned a photo of myself. Yeah, I felt like a dork, but I thought it might help my stylist get it right so I did it anyway!)

how I use pinterest boards for stitch fix

 from my Pinterest board Stitch Fix Stylist

And then I made one last special request:
Stitch Fix special request spring

(“I loved the star scarf I saw on instagram! I’d also love pieces that will easily transition to spring.”)


Here’s what was in box #5:
stitch fix spring collage get a fix you love

how to get a stitchfix box you love pretty persuasions scarf

Everly Tulip Print Tab-Sleeve Top // Tea N Rose Rickhouse Ruffle Trim Cardigan // BCBGeneration Teagan Belted 3/4 Sleeve Dress // Pretty Persuasions Star Print Scarf

(Not shown: a bright blue ruffle front tank. I liked the style, but it didn’t fit. But it looked great on my mom–and it’s hanging in her closet now!)

Shortcuts to Knowing Your Personal Style

Determining your personal style is a process. As with all self-knowledge, knowing what works for you and what doesn’t requires a good bit of time, thought, and experimentation.

So embrace the process! Try new things: knowing what you hate is almost as valuable as knowing what you love. Be honest with yourself, and above all–have fun with it.

Want to test-drive Stitch Fix? Here’s what to do.

1. Sign up. You’ll typically be put on a waiting list–I didn’t know this was normal and was bummed to be wait-listed the first time. Expect to wait around 4 weeks, depending on your sizing needs and style preference. (The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll be off the waiting list.)

2. Fill out your style profile, answering questions about your lifestyle, body shape, and style preferences. (It took me about 10 minutes.)

3. Schedule your fix. Stitch Fix isn’t a subscription service; you schedule a fix whenever you’re ready.

4. Come back and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear all about your experience.

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Do you have a good handle on your own personal style? Please share some tips on how you figured it out (or tell us what’s holding you back).

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