Dressing for the ordinary nights

Dressing for the ordinary nights

Exactly one year ago I wrote about dressing for the ordinary days. I’ve learned (the hard way, as always) that when I actually make a little bit of effort with my appearance, I feel cheerier and get more done.

This past year, I’ve (usually) done a great job dressing for regular life: I follow the rule of three, I wear my little bit of makeup, I choose happy clothes.

But in October, Codi left a comment on that old post that floored me.

She said, “PS: I also know that I feel better-rested and calm when I have matching pajama sets instead of t-shirts and random sweats!”


I’ve come to realize (the hard way) that restful nights of (enough) sleep are crucial to my well-being, my parenting, my productivity, my patience–the whole package. I know good sleep habits are crucial: I’ve devoted a good bit of attention to bedtime routines and rituals.

But I have never once thought about what I wear to bed.

When I started asking around, several of my girlfriends agreed with Codi: they swore their nighttime routine improved and they started sleeping better when they traded in the old college tees for cute pajamas.

Confession: I still sleep in old college tees.

But I’m resolving to do better. I finally bought some cute DKNY pajamas (similar to these), and I am actually going to wear them.

Dressing for the ordinary days worked really well for me in 2013. In 2014, I’m dressing for the ordinary nights.

Who’s on the cute pajamas bandwagon? I have two questions for you: 1. What kind of pajamas? and 2. Do you think you sleep better because of what you wear? I’m so curious to hear your answers!

pajamas shown above (all from DKNY): stars / black geometric / currant dot

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  1. Jessica says:

    Long live the college tees! And seriously, even better than my college tees is a really soft and cozy onefrlmmy husband. And although I will wear sweatpants, I love love love to sleep in leggings that are slightly too big. They’re cozy and comfy. Not tight but not schlumpy either. I’ve bought pajamas before and they just sit in my dresser.

  2. Ginger says:

    I bought a fuzzy hair of animal print DKNY pajamas shortly before Christmas – and I love them! They are so cozy and comfy! I wear my hubby’s old Air Force PT shirt when he’s deployed – it helps to feel closer to him when he’s away – but I try to save that for only those times. Having real pajamas just feels so much better!
    BTW, I recently had this discussion with a friend – How do you say pajamas? Is it pa-jah-ma or pa-jam-ma? 🙂 It’s funny to learn how others around the country say common words!

        • Anna says:

          Oops. I meant Pa-jah-ma. Typo. Funny story about pronunciation of pajamas. When I was in language school learning French, one of the students was named Paul James, but went by PJ. French speakers in the areas used the initials “PJ” to refer to pajamas, so our teacher couldn’t get used to calling him that. He thought it was a really weird American thing. The student had to go by Paul, although his roommate was also named Paul, so it got confusing. We all teased him about being named “pajamas.”

  3. Jessica says:

    We moved into a new house almost a year ago. Where we lived before was more rural so no one ever really stopped by unannounced. Here, we get company a lot so I started buying pj sets so I at least look presentable. I never realized how much more put together I would feel! I love to feel cozy and cute even when I’m home alone. It’s a totally girly thing that I love. I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret, they come in short (me), regular and tall. Not cheap usually but I picked two more pairs up today at the Semi-Annual and they were only $17 each!

  4. Cindy says:

    I love flannel pants but do not wear a matching top, used to but just don’t anymore.
    I wear a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee, either one is usually matching. Now that the weather is cold, we live in MI, I wear Cuddle Duds under my pjs. We do not have an electric blanket, have not for years. I love the heaviness of the blankets on top of me since we got away from the electric blanket. In the summer, usually a pair of pajama shorts with a short sleeve tee BUT have been known to put on a long sleeve tee if it is even a little cool, I don’t like my arms bare, also really like a sheet over my legs in the summer. Strange habits! I have an almost 25 yo daughter who loves to sleep without anything on (where she got that from is beyond me!). Thankfully, she got married last May so I am sure her husband has no problem with that!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Ok, I just had to weigh in… I do sometimes see cute sets, but I am so definitely not on that bandwagon. Totally ‘nakkers’ is how we roll around here. And it’s COLD where I live. We have to remember to pack pjs when we go to my parents or camping – for that I do have a few pairs of pj pants and an old t-shirt. I do think I sleep better that way. I have a little guy, and a big fuzzy robe I throw on when I have to get up with him – warmer than pj’s easy to slip out of again when I slip back into bed. It helps to use jersey sheets, too. We love them and use them year round.

  6. Molly says:

    I don’t know that I sleep BETTER in matching pajamas, but I have become much more conscious of what I wear to bed since I’ve gotten married. As a single gal my go-to was t-shirt and flannel boxers in the summer and sweats in the winter. I now rarely wear t-shirts to bed unless they are actually PJs and have purchased a few PJ sets with flannel pants and nightgowns made of the super soft material that is so popular now. I haven’t pulled my sweats out for more than trips to the gym in months. And a cute bathrobe has been purchased for around the house too.

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