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 True friends are always together in spirit

true friends are always together in spirit

• “I’ve thought about growing out my bangs,” a friend once said to me. “But how will people know I’m interesting?” (My stylist keeps talking me out of growing out mine. Is this why?)

10 “grammar rules” it’s okay to break (sometimes). (Best line: “As far as I’m concerned, ‘whom’ is a word that was invented to make everyone sound like a butler.”)

• These dreamy new Anne of Green Gables editions are going to turn me into a collector.

19 magical bookshops every book lover must visit. The names of these towns are almost as good as the names of the shops themselves.

• Why don’t authors compete? “Authors don’t try to eliminate others from the shelf, in fact, they seek out the most crowded shelves they can find to place their books. They eagerly pay to read what everyone else is writing.”

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What I’m reading: spiritual memoirs and historical fiction. (If you want to build your TBR list, this is the post for you.)

5 favorite Jane Austen-inspired romantic comedies. It’s the weekend; maybe you could curl up with one of these?

Disorganization: it’s EXHAUSTING.

The 3-book giveaway is still open, and check out today’s great Kindle deals here. So much good stuff—especially for a weekend. (I’ll tell you here so you don’t miss it: All the Light We Cannot See is $4.99 today, compared to $11. If you’ve been dying to read this new release and are still #89 on the library wait list,  here’s your chance.)

UPDATE: Hold the phone. Lena Dunham’s brand-new book Not that Kind of Girl is on sale for $4.99 for Kindle. (I haven’t read it. Should I?)

Have a great weekend!

Links I love.

penguin classics

• My new favorite instagram feed: 5ftinf. Can you see why? (This makes me want to start a vintage Penguin Classics collection STAT.)

• Let’s be very clear about the goal. On running and depression, and outrunning depression.

• Forget business books: why reading fiction is better for your business.

• What kids around the world eat for breakfast. I’d make an excellent Brazilian. Or Turk. (Amsterdam’s national breakfast is shocking!)

• What Jane Austen taught us about finding love. Some of these are stretching a bit … but it’s Jane Austen, so I’ll let them get away with it.

B. J. Novak reads The Book With No Pictures. My kids literally collapses in laughter watching this. On the first time, and the second, and the third.

Most popular from the blog:

“A Diamond is Forever” and other fairy tales. Fascinating (and lengthy) comments section. I especially love the commentary from industry insiders.

How to keep a great series from ruining your life. These simple tricks to “just say no” to one more chapter (or one more episode) aren’t obvious, but they’re effective. (It’s also fun to hear what series everyone is hooked on.)

Let’s talk about stress baking. When life is tough, baking is a different kind of hard. That’s precisely the point.

• More thoughts on our move, like how I’m coping with living more than 100 yards from the library. (Sniff!)

Have a great weekend!

Links I love

Links I love:

• “All About the Books, No Trouble” from the Nashville Public Library, who’s got all the right books in all the right places.

• Can you guess the famous book from the first line? (13/15. So, mostly.)

This grant gives writers time to read. Oh, to be a New Zealander.

Keeping heirloom apples alive is like a chain letter. (Related: this incredible Tree of 40 Fruit.)

No, I don’t want to read your self-published book. Interesting insights into the world of publishing from a reviewer who receives 150 books a day to review.

Most popular from the blog:

My favorite cookbooks. (The comments on this are a gold mine. Get ready to take notes.)

Are you a savorer or a speed reader? More wonderful comments—from both sides.

39 stocking stuffers that will actually be appreciated, don’t feel like a waste of money, and won’t be broken/destroyed/forgotten by New Years. I don’t usually share old posts here, but this one got an insane amount of traffic starting October 1. This concerns me a bit—there’s still 82 days till Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

Links I love.

Links I Love | Modern Mrs Darcy

Links I love:

What class will you be taking at Hogwarts this fall? According to this quiz, I’ll see you in potions.

• Benedict Cumberbatch gets wet for charity to recreate that Mr. Darcy moment. Silly, but so clickable. And with a clip of Colin Firth’s original lake scene to go with it.

• Check out this fascinating infographic on America’s libraries. My favorite tidbit: there are more public libraries in the U. S. than McDonald’s. (Phew!)

8 books to read when you’ve exhausted Jane Austen. I haven’t read #1, #2, #4, or #5. I didn’t like #7. I’m skeptical about #6.

What makes a fashion icon? (Does Tilda Swinton count? How about Kate Middleton? Nicki Minaj?) Reminds me of the new book Women in Clothes, which I just ordered. It sounds like Daily Rituals, for fashion.

Blogs YOU like:

As requested, 5 more blogs that are MMD reader favorites, per the results from the recent survey.

  1. Carrots for Michaelmas
  2. Hollywood Housewife
  3. Leigh Kramer
  4. The Mom Edit
  5. Becoming Minimalist

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My favorite apps.

What I’ve been reading lately.

Book recommendations that aren’t cheerful and upbeat, but are really, really good.

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