Booking It (March 2013 Edition)

Booking It (March 2013 Edition)

I’m back at Life as Mom talking about some of my favorite February reads with Jessica and Carrie.

This month I share two titles, and they’re both cookbook/memoir mashups. I also had to defend one of my very favorite books of all time, because Jessica and Carrie were less than impressed by it.

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    • Emily M. says:

      I am sorry to read that they didn’t appreciate Emily of New Moon as well. I read the Emily of New Moon books when I was in high school and I fell in love with them immediately! And though I watched the Anne of Green Gables film adaptions, I couldn’t finish the first Anne of Green Gables book until this past January. I had tried multiple times to finish it, but I was unsuccessful until a month ago. This wasn’t because I dislike the Anne series but because I had a hard time getting past the stage where Anne won’t stop talking. But now I appreciate both series very much for very different reasons.
      Anne and Emily are certainly very different heroines, as are the other characters, but I expected this and I treasure both of them very close to my heart. I don’t want Emily to be another Anne. And an interesting fact I’d like to point out is that Emily Byrd Starr is supposed to be more of a representation of L.M. Montgomery than Anne Shirley.

    • Jessica S says:

      I read The Story Girl a while ago and though I liked it, it wasn’t one of my favorites. Pat of Silver Bush, and Jane of Lantern Hill are both good, as well. I’ve pretty muched enjoyed everything I’ve found by L.M. Montgomery.

      • Anne says:

        Adriana, I haven’t read The Story Girl since jr high either! And Jessica, I’ve heard wonderful things about Pat of Silver Bush and Jane of Lantern Hill but I’ve never read either. They’re out of print and my library doesn’t have them. But it’s high time to track down copies for myself!

  1. Sheila says:

    hello ; ) I found you through Stitch Fix and then starting poking around your site and was so excited to see that you read Shauna’s book and loved it too! I have yet to write my post on it, but I can’t wait to. If you haven’t read her other books you must! Thanks for a great post, interesting how a book can touch each person in a different way.

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