Author: Margaret George
Elizabeth I: The Novel

Elizabeth I: The Novel

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From Publishers Weekly: "Personal and political conflicts among such larger-than-life historical figures as Francis Bacon, Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, and Will Shakespeare intertwine in George's meticulously envisioned portrait of Elizabeth I during the last 25 years of her reign. Readers see the queen through her own eyes and those of her cousin, Lettice Knollys, wife of Elizabethan heartthrob Robert Dudley, aka the earl of Leicester. Elizabeth's antithesis, thrice-married and much-bedded Lettice, is driven by passion and self-interest: it's 1588, and Elizabeth meets the threat of the Spanish Armada head-on while Lettice calculates how her son might benefit. Like her heroine, George possesses an eye for beauty and a knack for detail, creating a vibrant story that enables readers to experience firsthand Elizabeth's decisions, triumphs, and losses. George painstakingly reveals a monarch who defined an era." More info →
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