The next best thing to reading: how 15 WSIRN listeners track their books

The next best thing to reading: how 15 WSIRN listeners track their books

Hello readers, it's Tuesday, and our new episode of What Should I Read Next is a little bit different. Today I'm talking with 15 different WSIRN listeners about how they track their reading. We cover the usual suspects—namely, Goodreads—but the variety of ways you all track your books is fascinating, inspiring, and so much nerdy fun to hear about. 

We cover it all in today's episode; I'm sharing the visuals that make some of the methods make more sense below. 

Pictured above: Elizabeth's commonplace book

The MMD printable reading journal

Alice's Trello method

Deanna's bookmarks

A peek inside Anne's bookish bullet journal

Another look at Anne's bookish bullet journal

If you keep a bullet journal, or want to learn more about it, check out Anne's just-released class Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers.

Also mentioned in this episode:

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• How to download audiobooks from your smartphone to your library
• How to add any web page to your phone as an app icon (scroll down to #10)
Annie Jones's instagram account



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    • Anki says:

      I use the private notes field to track this information, but they also have a “Who recommended it to me” field. Both fields can be found in the “more details” section on your review of the book (because Goodreads oh-so-helpfully decided that all your interactions with a book would be called your review, whether or not you actually write a review). It should be noted that neither field is visible on the app (well, I know the private notes aren’t, and I generally don’t use the recommender field so I can’t test that), so any changes you want to make there need to be done on the full website.

      Once you’ve added the book to your TBR shelf, just go into the “edit review” screen. At that point, you will either see a review box with a little link to “more details” under it *or* you will see the review box with a number of fields below it (the setting is sticky so you aren’t constantly having to open (or close) the more details section; the site remembers which configuration you are using). If you have the link, just click on it and the fields will appear. Put in the information you want to capture, then click save.

      Both fields are viewable in “My Books” if you select them in the Settings menu. You can edit the private notes field under My Books (though it should be noted that saved changes will not appear until you refresh the page), but the recommender field is only changeable on the edit review page.

  1. Jenny says:

    Good Reads Users, I just discovered that Good Reads now allows you to “re-read” books, and say how many times you’ve read it! Click on the Edit Reviews part of a book and scroll down to see.

    • Anki says:

      Yeah, the reread feature is fairly new (and a long time in coming). It is also…unfortunately buggy, and affecting other areas of the site, typically surrounding read dates (most common things I’ve seen are saying a book is being read for the second time when it isn’t and finish dates not sticking properly). Overall I haven’t had a whole lot of trouble with it, but it’s advised that you check your reading record carefully, just in case.

  2. Kimberly Yue says:

    Like many people I use Goodreads to keep track of what I’m currently reading and how long it takes, etc. BUT, I craved a more visual way to see what I read, especially since I read nearly exclusively on my Kindle. Then one day, it dawned on me to start a Pinterest board. Now for each year I pin all the books that I read during that time and can quickly scroll through to see the covers. I love it!

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