How hiring help transformed our homeschool

How hiring help transformed our homeschool | Modern Mrs Darcy

Last year I hired a mother’s helper, and it’s transformed our homeschool.

Let’s back up: homeschooling and I have a complicated relationship. I love the idea of my kids being home educated, but the day-in, day-out reality of educating my kids at home drains me dry. I’m also a working mom, and I wanted to get through the hands-on part of our school days faster so I could work (and my kids could play).

I knew I needed help, but it took me a little while to figure out what kind of help I needed. I didn’t need childcare, exactly, or a cleaning person, or a tutor. What I really wanted was another set of hands: someone to fold the laundry and build blocks with my toddler, to dole out snacks and read stories to my 5-year-old.

It turns out there’s a word for that…

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    Interesting post. In many past times, a woman wouldn’t have been responsible for her whole brood by herself. There would have been grandmas, aunts, teenage cousins, etc. around to take on the mother’s helper role.

    I was fascinated by the number of “we can’t afford it” comments on your post. Some might be true, and some might be simply reflexive — what people often say when someone suggests outsourcing something that might be deemed a mother’s traditional task.


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