My Influence Network Class (in Tweets)

My Influence Network Class in Tweets

Storified by Anne Bogel· Fri, Jan 25 2013 05:12:33

I’m really excited about @AnneBogel’s class tonight about Making the Most of Your 20’s. :) #InfluenceNetthe tiny twig
RT @influencenet: This is the season to discern your calling. @AnneBogel on "making the most of your 20s"Jewel
"Real Growth can look a lot like being lost." @AnneBogel @InfluenceNet Thank you so much!Emily
Loving my first @InfluenceNet class with @annebogel! Reed
Learning + exploring + growing is not floundering. @AnneBogel #InfluenceNetInfluence Network
Don’t assume good times mean you’re doing everything right. Hard times don’t mean you’re doing things wrong. @AnneBogel #InfluenceNetInfluence Network
"Want to fix 95% of female interpersonal relationships? Don’t be sarcastic and don’t gossip"- @AnneBogel SO true (and so hard)5ohWifey
"@annebogel: happy endings are intentional" thank you for the wonderful encouragement! I am most definitely writing my own happy endingAmy Reed
"Coming into your own is a process"- @AnneBogel. Thank you for an amazing class! #influencenetEmily Andrews
@AnneBogel @InfluenceNet Thank you so much for a fantastic class tonight! :-)Sarah Eshbaugh
umm … I took six pages worth of notes in @AnneBogel’s #influencenet class. #sogood @InfluenceNetCourtney Dignam
@cjdignam @InfluenceNet It was SOOO good, wasn’t it? Loved soaking up @AnneBogel’s knowledge.BlissDiaries
Here’s a link to a fast, free Myers-Briggs test, as promised. If you’ve never taken one DO IT NOW! #influencenetAnne Bogel
More #influencenet follow-up. We had lots of questions about singles tonight. You need to read this from @hopefulleigh! Bogel
Just finished reading the chat stream from my #InfluenceNet class on the 20something years. You ladies bless me so much–thanks for coming!Anne Bogel

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    Aw, I was rooting for you! Looks like you did great. I loved the tweet about fixing 95% of interpersonal related drama–don’t be sarcastic and don’t gossip. I could not agree more with you. So glad you had this opportunity. I won’t be online much next week due to our media fast. (Why? Here:
    But, I’ll be checking in on your posts when I return.
    Have a great weekend, friend.

  2. says

    My favorite is “Don’t assume good times mean you’re doing everything right. Hard times don’t mean you’re doing things wrong.” Glad to hear it went so well!


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