Weekend Reading

Legos, Spaceships, Breasts | Kate Bachus. The best commentary I’ve read yet on Lego & Friends.

5 Simple Tips for Dressing Down Your Fancy Dress | Inspired By Family Magazine. #1 is my favorite.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret | LifeHacker. Simple, easy, brilliant.

You will want to give up. Don’t. | Shawn Smucker. Gorgeous post about Shawn’s journey around the country with his family in the big blue bus.

Nancy Pearl Unearths Great Summer Reads | NPR. 7 new books of note to consider for your summer reading list.

Things I’m Afraid to Tell You | Apartment 34. Have you noticed the confessional movement in the blogosphere? Here’s a round-up of what everybody’s spilling.

From the Archives: In Honor of the Graduates: 4 Books for Figuring Our What to Do With the Rest of Your Life. 4 books that are great for gifting, or for your own enjoyment.

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