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Want to Feel Happier by the End of the Day?  Your Menu of Options is hands-down the most absorbing thing I read on the internet this week.  (But I’m warning you, the Marjorie Williams quote made me cry.)

I just discovered the site 40:20 Vision, which offers “40-something perspective on 20-something questions.”  I’m interested, and I’m looking forward to exploring the site this weekend.

Interesting chart on evolving trends:  “If you use a more complete definition of work — including activities like household chores and taking care of children — men and women worked precisely as hard as one another in 2010.

More Happiness Project:  I’m a big Dan Pink fan, and I was delighted that Gretchen interviewed him about his own thoughts on happinessHaving just celebrated my own anniversary, this was my favorite excerpt:

Gretchen: Have you ever been surprised that something you expected would make you very happy, didn’t – or vice versa?
Dan: Not exactly. But the more I think about these things, the more I realize that being married — or, more accurately, being married to the person to whom I’m married — has produced happiness well in excess of any reasonable expectation.

Now that’s a good compliment.

Sarah at Joy-Filled Days just kicked off a series on Women of Wisdom.

I’m not a Disney Princess fan, so I was aghast when I discovered that designer Alfred Angela has a line of Disney Fairy Tale wedding dresses.  In fairness, they’re not bad.  (Thanks to Kendra at The Nerdy Wife for the tip-off.)

Check out this photo of an angel with a mobile phone.

Wise Words on how to answer the dreaded question:  Do I Look Fat in This?

Michael Ruhlman shows you how to make the best burger.  (I do this occasionally, but I use my food processor.  It’s not that hard and it’s soooooo good.)


  1. […]  I’ve been having a tough week on the relationship front (long story), and was looking for the perspective of women who have been through their late-twenties. In modern society it’s often difficult to get the perspective of those in the older generation, and women like me miss out by not having older women to mentor us, particularly in navigating the ‘single years’. So I was glad this week to find 40:20 Vision, which is a site where 40-something women share their insights on the questions that bother the younger generation. Great idea. (hat tip: Modern Mrs. Darcy) […]

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